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Mission Statement
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Mark Northacker's mission for MNGC Builders Inc. is based on customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction will be maintained through:

  1. Customer qualification.
    1. Thorough understanding of the customers needs and desires.
  2. Achieving and maintaining customers confidence in MNGCs ability and intent to satisfy the customer.
    1. Supply a list of contactible references.
    2. A clearly worded contract and scope of work.
    3. Customers understanding of the cost of the project and payment schedule.
    4. All applicable permits and insurance in place at the beginning of the job.
  3. Maintain the highest level of customer comfort during project as possible.
    1. Seal-off all living spaces not under construction.
    2. Construct temporary amenities.
    3. Notify customer of any disruption of services in advance.
    4. Maintain a safe, clean and organized job site.
  4. Keep lines of communication open.
    1. Any question or request may be asked of any employee at any time.
      If this person cannot answer the question they will direct it to someone who can.
    2. The lead carpenter, (LC) is a highly qualified and competent professional who understands even the minutest details of the job. The LC will always take the time necessary to keep the customer and MNGC on the same page.
    3. Should Mark Northacker not be on site, he will always be reachable by phone.
    4. A notebook will be on site to log Q&As as well as any other random info.
  5. The final payment will not be due until the customer is satisfied that the contract has been fulfilled.






Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

MNGC Builders Inc. 517 Maple Ave. Doylestown, PA 18901